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General Questions

To register at STEAM Works Studio send us a request for appointment using the online form under the tab Contact Us. Or please call us at 1(844) 265-9880 or Email us at Once you arrive at the center, you will meet with the Education Director who advises on which level might be appropriate for your child. An assessment might be required to evaluate the child for the appropriate level. After this a schedule is decided and a Student Registration card is issued. Payments are taken strictly at the Center via Credit Cards.

We offer Weekday, Weekend, Science themed Birthday parties. Look under the Programs tab for specific details.

We are located at 135 Village Blvd, Forestal Village, Princeton, NJ, 08540 -in the heart of the garden state.

Typical weekend classes run for 3 months once each weekend. Duration varies from 2 hrs to 1.5 hrs.

We offer programs from 4 years old to 18 years.

We have a small class size of 10 students with one instructor.

Some courses might have a take home electronics kit with your creation and some might have a project portfolio of all your achievements on a topic.
No, you will be provided with everything you need for your course—each student gets their own computer and own kit for the session. You’ll never need to share a computer.